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Below are descriptions of our HD Programs. HUG HD videos are available for license or for purchase, and are offered with music and SFX or with SFX only. HD videos delivered on flashdrive. Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Call 856-506-1209 for ordering details, or contact us for more information.



This program is of colorful and exotic sea creatures in tropical reef environments and open ocean. Become a "virtual diver" and explore the mysterious and wonderful world under the sea. Photographed in HD and incorporating close-up photography when possible, the images depict a hypnotically beautiful mix of marine creatures, such as, tropical fish, corals, colorful swaying anemones, sea horses, jelly fish, sea cucumbers, unusual types of shrimps and other fascinating exotic aquatic life on the coral reef and open ocean. This video is a big hit with kids and adults alike.

UNDERSEA WORLD is offered in two parts:

  • Part 1. Along with the colorful and exotic world of the creatures that live on the reefs, some of the larger inhabitants such as sharks, of all sizes and varieties, sting rays, manta rays, sea turtles and hippos are seen close up.
    TRT: 33:06 $24.95+S&H

  • Part 2 takes a deeper view of the creatures that live and make up the reefs: corals, jelly fish, sea horses, sea anemones, unusal shrimps and, of course, the many varities and sizes of tropical fish.
    TRT: 29:28 $24.95+S&H
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Very colorful and beautifully photographed in spectacular HD, the viewer will experience all "Spring" has to offer. From pink and white flowering trees, the first bulbs, fields of every variety of flowers, streams and ponds with lily pads, color exudes everywhere. Close-up photography, soft music and the sounds of singing birds will entice the viewer into feeling as though they are there, able to touch and smell the flowers.

SPRING GARDENS is offered in two parts:

  • Part 1 emphasizes garden settings both large and smaller, properly arranged or random, along with fields splashing dazzling, brightly colored flowers growing in the fresh, green lawns and along pathways.
    TRT: 28:45 $24.95+S&H

  • Part 2 is Spring bursting all around natural settings, flowering trees, vast fields of new wild flowers, streams and small water falls accented by all varieties, shapes and colors of natures beauty.
    TRT: 38:15 $24.95+S&H

Close-up photography, soft music and the sounds of singing birds will entice the viewer into feeling as though they are there, able to touch and smell the flowers.

SPRING GARDENS is also offered with nature sounds only, singing birds and flowing water.

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Imagine sitting beside a small, gentle stream on a warm day listening to the soothing sounds of the water flowing over the rocks and pebbles like a miniature waterfall. Later, you move along to peaceful ponds. The sounds of birds and crickets add to the tranquility and it feels like a good day.

Photographed in spectacular HD, the viewer is taken on a walk along streams through a forest, rushing waters, gentle ponds, small water falls and streams.

STREAMS, PONDS & LAKES is offered in two ways:

  • Regular: STREAMS, PONDS & LAKES is also offered with natural sounds only, flowing water and singing birds.
    TRT: 35:09 $24.95+S&H

  • Extended: An extended version of Streams, Ponds & Lakes with additional scenes.
    TRT: 52:33 $24.95+S&H
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Take a stroll along the narrow streets of an old colonial city, still active today, peeking into the courtyards, gardens, pathways and private sitting areas along with beautiful private estates and a picturesque Italian Winery with vineyards in the background. Along with the cobblestones, old brick and colonial architecture, the scenery is accented with very bright and colorful flowers, flowering trees, formal and casual flower gardens, water gardens, fountains and peeks through the garden gates.

  • TRT: 53:30 $24.95+S&H



Visit a traditional 17th century Shofuso Japanese house and the surrounding gardens. Rated as the third best Japanese house in the US, the visitor will be able to peek inside the beautiful rooms and exteriors of this traditional 17th century house. You are free to wander the zen garden, explore for hidden Buddha statues, and gaze into the koi pond. Notice how small streams of water meander over rocks and pebbles around the house contributing to the peace and tranquility, eventually flowing into the koi pond and observe gardeners meticuously manicuring the grounds and maintaining the water ways and ponds.

* This video is offered with natural sounds only, to enhance the experience.

  • $24.95+S&H



It's a bright, sunny day in the Wharton State Forest, sit back and take a relaxing ride on a kayak as it silently and slowly meanders through a deep forest waterway. At the beginning of Fall, some trees' leaves begin to change color. No one else is around. Completely beautiful, peaceful and serene. Listen to the natural sounds of the forest as you come upon a few small beaches, notice all the different tree stands, pine, evergreen and decidious and eventually emerge onto a large lake. TRT : 41:00

Did you see Bigfoot?

KAYAKING THROUGH THE FOREST is offered in two ways:

  • Regular TRT: 41:00 $24.95+S&H
  • With Natural Sounds Only TRT: 30:00 $24.95+S&H
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Enjoy the changing seasons from late summer to autumn while passing through Amish landscapes, Valley Forge and the eastern part of our country. These scenes are an introduction into the beautiful colors of the changing season. Splashes of reds, yellow, amber and their various combinations accenting the remaining green against the background of fields, trees, woods, leaves, ponds, lakes, flowers and landscapes in transition.

  • TRT: 42:00 $24.95+S&H



Experience a Christmas Festival, in Victorian style villages celebrating the Christmas holidays and all that leads up to it. Brightly lite landscapes, shops, trees and shops, all decorated with millions of lights, figurines, every sort of decoration, fire pits roasting marshmellows, fruit wreaths and greenery. Move onto a city street cul-de-sac where every house is completely decorated with lights, ornaments, wreaths and varying size Santa Clauses in every window. Across the homes facing each other is a large common “island” completely decorated with life size scenes, figures, trees, rein deer, sleds, mangers and Santa's helpers.

  • TRT: 43:00 $24.95+S&H

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